A Quick Round-up of December 2007

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Round-up of December 2007December 2007 was a month when this blog achieved further heights. I could not actively blog as I would have liked to. This is reflected by the count of posts, only 15 last month. That is about 50% of what I was posting in the months of October and November 2007.

Irrespective of the number of posts, this month had good posts that drew some hot discussion. The one on BlogRush, Does BlogRush bring any traffic?, was discussed in detail and had a follow-up post Why my posts were not syndicated?. Following that, I did remove the BlogRush widget from this blog. I might use it in some of my other blogs, but I do not see much traffic to this blog from BlogRush.

I did a post on another useful service BloggingZoom, Does BloggingZoom bring traffic?. While I could not spend much time later this month on BZ, I had a good flow of traffic earlier this month.

As usual, I have written some posts on my favourite topic Blogger Hacks/ Widgets for Blogger:

The following is the current standing of this blog:

Marco’s Top Blogging Blogs List: #68 (November Rank: 66)
Google Page Rank: 2/10 (No change from last month)
Alexa Traffic Rank: 416,356 (November Rank: 664,445)
Technorati Rank: 132,066 (November Rank: 174,961)

My sincere thanks to all those regular readers and visitors for the support extended to this blog. I may not see any rise in the rankings in January and even there might be a drop due to less activity in December. But, I do hope to get back in action as soon as possible.

I wish all my readers a VERY HAPPY, PROSPEROUS and SUCCESSFUL New Year 2008.

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