Why my posts were not syndicated?

Thursday, December 6, 2007

I have written about the traffic from BlogRush a few days ago. I did receive considerable feedback from other bloggers, in this blog as well as over at BloggingZoom. The most interesting comment came from Saedel. He has pointed out in his post BlogRush Censors Unfavorable Reviews? as below:


"Based on my experience, it looks like BlogRush (I’ll call it BR from time-to-time here onwards) is trying to unexpose honest reviews that don’t favor them."

Do I face the same problem?

Saedel has mentioned that BlogRush is filtering out all the reviews about them. I did a quick check to see whether my post on BlogRush, dated 2nd December 2007, was syndicated across the network. To my surprise, I cannot find this particular post on the syndication list.


BlogRush Report


I have posted 4 posts in December so far, one each on 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th December. As you can see, three of them has been syndicated. Only the post on BlogRush has not been syndicated.

Why the particular post was not syndicated?

I do not want to jump into any conclusion yet. I just remembered that this was not my first post on BlogRush. When I checked through my archive, I noticed that there were eight posts in all, including the latest one, mentioning about BlogRush. When I checked the BlogRush reports, only four of them were not syndicated:


  1. Constructive Changes to BlogRush
  2. Is PageRank the best way to measure the success of a blog?
  3. 10,000+ blogs removed from BlogRush
  4. Does BlogRush bring any traffic?

My immediate finding is that BlogRush is filtering out those posts with the word "BlogRush" in the title. If you have the word inside the discussion, it seems all right. But, to my surprise, the post on PageRank was also not syndicated. I have mentioned about BlogRush in the content, but that may not be the reason.

Further Checks

I did search my blog, once again, for posts with the word "PageRank" in the title. I had two posts satisfying the search and as I expected, both were not syndicated. In addition to the above post with the word "PageRank", the following is the other post:


  1. Great News: I got Google PageRank 2


From my study, I conclude the following:

  1. BlogRush is filtering out posts with the word "BlogRush" in the title. I have purposely avoided the same word in this post title and I want to see whether this will be syndicated. In all probability, it should.
  2. The posts with the word "PageRank" in the title are also filtered.


Initially, I thought only the reviews on BlogRush has been filtered out as Saedel has pointed out. The whole problem may be due to some glitch in the system. But, we do not know until John Reese and his team explain the rationale behind this.


Do you face this problem? Has any of your post been filtered? Feel free to share with us here. Please subscribe to my feed if you like this post.


Saedel December 6, 2007 at 12:03 PM  

Hi Manick, thanks for blogging about my post on BlogRush. I got the pingback and I also saw your post on BZ...

You did an extensive research. Better than I did. I didn't realize that even PageRank is also filtered out. Good conclusion on that.

My other disappointment with BR is that they don't respond to queries. I had contacted them after my post, but didn't get any replies even after I followed it up. Later, I discovered other bloggers were also complaining about their non-existent Customer Support.

I am also hoping that it is just a glitch. BR was an innovative idea. It's a shame that it didn't live to its expectation (as far as I'm concerned).


Admin December 6, 2007 at 5:43 PM  

Hi Saedel,

Thanks for your comments. I could figure out only those two words being excluded. I feel it is a bit unfair on BR's part to filter posts without making their intentions clear. And I don't know any particular reason why posts has to be filtered out.

Earlier, BR had an excuse that they are working very hard on the Phase 2 development and had no time to respond to queries. That should not be the case now.

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