Is PageRank the best way to measure the success of a blog?

Monday, October 1, 2007

In my earlier posts How much is my blog worth? and 63/100: That is the grade of this blog, I have discussed the importance of evaluating blogs based on some systematic approach. This would avoid the controversies and discussions about who is the best out there.

While PageRank is used predominantly as one of the measures, I had seen some excellent blogs with a PageRank zero. One such example would be I have enjoyed the tips and tricks from, but surprised to learn about the PR status. PageRank, in a way, favours older blogs and it is not dynamic enough to reflect day-to-day changes.

Today, I got a lead to one of the posts written at (thanks to the little BlogRush widget). The author expresses similar sentiment as mine and has written an interesting article How do you measure your blog’s success? He compares the strengths and weaknesses of PageRank, Technorati Rankings, Alexa Rankings and RSS count. Take a look at the article and you will appreciate the discussion.


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