PayPerPost approves my blog, finally

Friday, June 1, 2007

My continued attempts did not go in vain. Finally, my blog Mahendra Singh Dhoni is approved by PayPerPost team. This is what the PayPerPost team has written to me:
This is a notification letting you know that your PayPerPost blog, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, has been approved and is now available.You can now take opportunities and write about them on your blog.

I am summarizing below the various requriements I had to fulfil before my blog was approved by PayPerPost.
  1. Please ensure that your blog is around for at least 90 days
  2. Please ensure that you have posted a minimum of 20 posts in the last 90 days
  3. Please ensure that the time gap between any two consecutive posts does not exceed 30 days. This condition has to be true for posts made in the last 90 days only
I hope this helps those bloggers who would like to sign up with PayPerPost to start writing sponsored reviews.


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