Meta Tags for Blogger: Part 2

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

If you would like to know what are meta tags, then read my earlier post Meta Tags for Blogger: Part 1.

What happened to Meta Tags?
In the ealy days, search engines were reliant mainly on meta data. Recognizing the significance of meta data, the webmasters exploited the technique to rank high in the search engines. Keyword stuffing and manipulation of meta elements to outsmart the search engine algorithms slowly led to the downfall of meta data. Search engine providers realized that information stored in meta elements, were used to draw visitors into spam sites. Search engine robots have since become more sophisticated. And, meta elements have significantly less effect on search engine results today.

Keywords meta tag
It is understood that still some search engines use keywords meta tag. Choose whatever keywords you think are appropriate. But, avoid spamming with keywords. If you are not going to write anything about a particular keyword in your blog, then just including it in the meta tag does not help. On the other side, repeating a particular word too often in the keywords list might adversely affect your ranking. So, be careful in using the keywords meta tag.

The HTML code for keywords meta tag should look something like this:
<META name=’keywords’ content='keyword1, keyword2, keyword3, keyword4’>

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