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Thursday, May 1, 2008

ClickboothClickbooth was setup in the year 2002 with the goal of excellence in the interactive marketing industry. Clickbooth is a division of IntegraClick, Inc., based in Sarasota, Florida. Clickbooth Advertising Network is based on the CPA online advertising model.

CPA Model
CPA stands for Cost Per Action. This model is completely different from cost-per-impressions model (CPM) and the cost-per-click (CPC) model. In the CPA model, advertisers pay publishers per lead. To be clear, this online advertising payment model is based solely on qualifying actions such as sales or registrations. The advertisers have to set an action which publishers’ users must complete. Such actions range can be as simple as inputting an email address or can be complex as purchasing a product. Different actions have different payouts.

Registration with Clickbooth
The sign-up process includes three steps:
  1. Personal information: You are required to give out standard information like your first name, last name, address …

  2. Verification: The verification process requires you to input your phone. Please give a phone number that is immediately accessible to you. Your phone starts to ring within a few seconds. You have an automated voice message that informs you the verification code, a 4-digit number. Key in the number in the space provided. Your verification is complete.

  3. Website details: The last information required is your web site/ blog details. I found that the category is insufficient. I could not find one category that reflects very closely my blog’s theme. Once you complete all the required information, Clickbooth takes about 72 hours to review your blog for approval.

Clickbooth pays out on the 15th of every month for commission earned the month prior. But, you should have reached at least the minimum payout threshold of $50.

Referral Program
Clickbooth is having an attractive referral program too. You will receive 2% gross referral credit for life plus an additional $10 bonus for every affiliate referred.

I have just signed up with Clickbooth. So, I cannot share with you how it performs. It looks good at the outset. So, if you are interested, give it a try.


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