Top 100 Blogging Blogs: My blog is among them

Friday, November 23, 2007

Few days ago, I wrote about the Top Blogging Blogs List created by Today, I am happy to announce that our blog is also featured in the top blogs list.

What is Top Blogging Blogs List?
This is a list that displays top blogs that blog about blogging itself. The selling point for Marco seems to be that he did not use Google Page Rank for ranking. Marco has mainly used the following factors to rank the blogs:

  • Number of incoming links,

  • Number of sites that provide the above incoming links and

  • Number of RSS subscribers.

Top Blogging Blogs List
What is the ranking of this blog?
Assess My Blog is currently ranked at No. 62 in the list. I feel really honoured to be featured in a list that boasts names like Darren Rowse, John Chow and Kevin Muldoon (These are the bloggers I regularly read for inspiration). The list may see some changes over the next few days and I may drop a few places. But, more importantly, my efforts are given the due recognition and I am happy about that.

Ranking of Assess My Blog
Does the list reflect truth?
Every ranking system has its own algorithm to rank blogs/ web sites. Some systems depend on the number of links, some depend on the traffic and probably you may see a ranking system based on the number of subscribers. So, there is nothing right or wrong here. Certainly, the list has no complaints at the top with ProBlogger, CopyBlogger and JohnChow occupying the top three slots.

Open Questions to Marco
While I am happy with the list, I have some questions to Marco. Hope he will respond. His response could help others to understand the rationale of his ranking system.

  1. Why did you select the above three factors for determining the ranking?

  2. Why the blog traffic is not included for ranking? Would the inclusion of Alexa rank as the fourth factor be useful?

  3. Why did you select the number of links as your primary key for sorting the blogs?

  4. How often the list is going to be updated? Is it a dynamic list or updated at regular intervals?

  5. Where do you get the data to update the list? From Technorati and Feedburner?

I take this opportunity to thank Marco for including my blog in the list. To see the complete list, please click here. Please subscribe to my feed if you like this post


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