Spotplex: Can challenge Digg?

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Spotplex LogoSpotplex is an online congregation service that dynamically provides an instant ranking of web content. Site features such as user comments and sharing capabilities turn Spotplex into an interactive community.

Looks like another Digg?
Initially, I thought this is similar to Digg or BloggingZoom as the front page looks similar. But, there is a major difference. Digg or BloggingZoom requires the visitors to vote for an article. The pages are ranked based on the number of diggs or zooms. With Spotplex, internet users are not required to change their behaviour to generate content rankings. Spotplex monitors each blog on its network and automatically ranks the pages based on the number of page impressions.
What is Spotplex?
How Spotplex works?
To join the Spotplex network, a blogger should insert a piece of code on to their blog. Whenever an article in the blog is read, the code reports Spotplex server that the article is read. The article shows up on Spotplex and the view counter reflects the change.
How Spotplex works?
Positives of Spotplex:
Spotplex Screenshot of Assess My Blog Page
  1. The blog's specific page lists all the popular posts ranked according to the page views, the blog standing in the network and a graph that displays the dynamic change in page views. Each post, that has been ranked, also displays the major source of the traffic. This can be a quick and very useful information for bloggers.

  2. No need to login to the account every time. No user id and password. Anyone who types your blog url will be taken to the blog’s page.

  3. Basically, a blogger need not spend any time in promoting the blog. A one time installation of the HTML code is all that needed.

  4. Provides a nice widget for bloggers that can be integrated on to the blog to display the popular articles.

Negatives of Spotplex:
  1. Blogs with good traffic would have an edge over smaller blogs. To overcome this, Spotplex says it judges an article's popularity relative to the traffic that a site normally gets. But, I am not sure whether it works well to help smaller and medium sized blogs.

  2. Normally, blogging blogs receive traffic from other bloggers. This model might make it difficult to get traffic for blogs on blogging. There is no need to network, make friends or help other bloggers here.

Overall, it is a good service that might help normal internet users. As far as bloggers are concerned, they could use the analytics support and use the popular posts widget to guide their readers. As it requires little time in investment, go ahead and install the code on your blog. You may get some benefit in the long run. Please click here to visit Spotplex.

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