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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Update on 05 Jan 2009: I have stopped writing sponsored posts and I do not recommend them any more on this blog.

I have recently signed up with Smorty as a blogger. While one of my other blogs was approved instantly, AssessMyBlog was rejected. It is sometimes hard to understand the logic behind such a rejection. But, I think the reason being that AssessMyBlog is fairly new in the arena and the traffic is not that significant when I did apply.

In line with the increase in my blog traffic since last month, I expected Smorty to clear my application. As expected, today I received an e-mail from Smorty stating that my blog is approved. In case you do not know about Smorty, here is a quick preview:

About Smorty:
Smorty is a service that acts as a communication link between advertisers and bloggers. It helps advertisers to promote a product, service, company, blog or a web site. It provides a cost-effective solution to advertise on blogs. It provides a way for bloggers to monetize their blogs.

Advertise on blogs:
The advertisers get a chance to display their products through quality blogs. The blogs, which already have a good amount of readership, provide a quick way to reach a wide customer base. By advertising on blogs, the advertisers can build quality relevant inbound links to increase search engine rankings. No wonder, blog advertising is considered as one of the best advertising strategies available now.

Get paid for blogging:
Bloggers, like me, have worked hard to create an online existence. Now, this standing on the blogosphere can be used to some good effect. Smorty pays the bloggers to review the advertiser’s products. The blogger can express his/ her honest opinions/ thoughts on the product. Smorty does not enforce bloggers to write only positive reviews about the products.


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