Blog Review: Your Music, Your Way

Thursday, September 13, 2007

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Blog Title: Your Music, Your Way
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Your Music, Your Way! As the blog title suggests, this is a blog on music. The author provides links to some useful music-related sites. You can find links to free downloads of music.

The blog is quite new with very little content so far. The blog updates are not frequent, with about one month un-posted period between posts. If you want any success with blogging, you should update your blogs regularly. The general advice from some of the internet gurus is the blog should be updated at least twice or thrice a week.

As I always suggest, a list of tags/ categories should be provided in the side bar for easy navigation. It might not seem be to be an issue now, as the number of posts are not that many. But, once your blog gets older and you have much more posts, tags is a very useful way to navigate the blog.

I also noted that there are too many tags used for the posts. I counted as much as thirty different tags being used in just about five posts. Look at standardizing the tags. Very general tags might not be useful. For example, tags like apply, diverse, mixture can be avoided.

Try to fit in the right size of ads in your side bar. I noted that your AuctionAds advertisement is a bit wider than the sidebar. These small things do not give a good impression. As we all know, first impression is the best impression.

One good thing is the content is given the priority in the layout. I do not see many distracting advertisements. Keep it up. With a little bit tweaking, the blog should look good.


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