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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Blog Title: Calling All Palauans
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This is a non-English blog. Going by the name of the blog, I think the blogger should be from the Republic of Palau, an island nation in the Pacific Ocean about 800 km east of Philippines. I believe the blog is written in Palauan or Belauan language. Since I do not really understand what is written, I am abstaining from giving any rating for this blog.

The first impression gives me the feeling that the blog is well-written. There are lots of pictures to support the posts. The advertisements are kept minimal or arranged to be unobtrusive.

While it gave me a good first impression, I have some comments/ feedback to the author after I took some time to sift through the blog. The blog updates have to be regular. I believe that there should be only very few blogs on Palau, so it is a good topic to blog. But, if the updates are not regular then you will lose your visitors. Right now, I note only about 2 posts a month. That’s not enough.

The Google search box is provided at the extreme bottom portion of the blog. To be more useful, this can be shifted to a prominent position like the top-left corner in the sidebar.

The sidebar is a very precious place and it has to be used effectively. While I appreciate the photographs on the sidebar, it doesn’t really help the readers. The author can keep some photos, but have to add more features to navigate. The author can consider a list of categories, your blog archive, your recent articles, related posts, and so on.

As I said above, this blog gives a good impression. With a little more rearrangement of the elements and regular updating, the author can keep that feeling intact.


THINK ABOUT IT September 21, 2007 at 1:15 PM  

Thank you for the good advice. I realize that you are looking at blogs from the standpoint of the writing (which was difficult on this blog since you don't speak Palauan), as well as ads and their placement. However, my primary motive for writing this particular weblog is not as much to advertise and draw people to the ads (although, obviously that is a secondary motive). It is more to attract Palauans to come and interact. That has not happened much yet, although I know they have viewed my blog. I haven't had much time lately to write because of illness and coming to the end of a full-time course and taking the final exam this week. At least now that the course is over with, I plan to work on all of my blogs more. I am also working on developing a Palauan word translator with Babylon so that non-Palauans can enjoy my site as well, which was one of my reasons for having so many photo--so that non-Palauans could enjoy perusing my blog also. I will definitely take your assessment into consideration. Thank you for assessing my blog!

Admin September 21, 2007 at 7:27 PM  

I appreciate your feedback. As I have said in my review, your blog is on a very special topic. So, if you can update the blog regularly, you are sure to get visitors.

All the Best. Thanks for visiting my blog.

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