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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Who is a blogger? Anyone who owns a blog is a blogger, simple as that. But, who is a professional blogger? The question gets tougher, right?

Since the advent of new technologies, blogging has become so simple. Anyone who knows how to use an internet browser can become a blogger in no time. With drag and drop features and easy to use interface, bloggers do not require any knowledge of HTML or XML. That’s the beauty of blogging now. This has brought the variety to the blogging community, from grandfathers to school children owning a piece of the cyberworld.

To be a professional blogger, you need much more knowledge than this. You probably should know HTML, Style Sheets, XML, user-interface design, SEO, marketing strategies and on and on. I know the list is not complete in any manner. Neither it is true that knowledge of all these techniques is necessary to be a pro. But, it gives you an idea that you should be a master of many fields to be called a pro.

Blogger Pro TestRecently, I took a simple ProBlogger test at Daily Blog Tips. I did not perform well scoring just 45%. Hmm... I have a long way to go in this blogging profession. If you are interested, please take this test yourself. If you score 100%, you can be proud of it. If you score less, no need to be shy. I am there with you. While you take the test, I am rushing to the library to pick a book on XML. See you later.


JPetals September 12, 2007 at 7:15 AM  

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