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Thursday, August 23, 2007

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Blog Title: Speak4Money
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When I saw the word "Money" in the title, I started off to browse the blog dispassionately. To my pleasant surprise, this blog tends to be different from the normal blogs on online money. The basic quality of a blog is to have posts that are regular, unique in content and interestingly written. I would give a 100% rating on all these qualities.

Regular updates on the author's money-making ventures combined with the happenings in the cyberspace makes it interesting to read. Most of the posts are supported by images and gives a real look into the author's experiences. It is nice to see that the author shares views on services like PayPal/ E-Gold and Google/ Yahoo/ MSN and there are discussions on Mozilla Firefox/ Internet Explorer.

The blog is uncluttered with minimum advertising. The white color font has nicely matched with the dark-color background and makes reading easy. But, I noticed that different font sizes are used for different posts. I am not sure whether this is intentionally done to grab attention on a particular post. However, I leave it to the author's decision whether to have the font size uniform across all the posts.

Suggestions to improve:

1. I can see only the archive list categorized by month. But, I do not see any archive list by subjects/ categories/ labels. This is one very useful way to quickly find information on a blog. I would suggest the author to include this.


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