Blog Review: Life, Money and Everything in between

Monday, August 20, 2007

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Blog Title: Life, Money and Everything in between
Blog url:

Don’t get misled by the url of the blog. This blog has got nothing to do with costume. Nor this blog is promoting any sort of clothing. It is more of a personal journal that presents the everyday happenings in the author’s life. The blog discusses about almost everything from the author’s family to politics to education.

The blog is updated quite regularly. The discussions are good and interesting to read. I liked the recent posts on public speaking, stage jitters and communication. The title block is very attractive. While I am impressed with the content and the quality of discussions, I would also like to share on areas which needs improvement.

Suggestions to improve:

1. There are too many categories with only one or two discussions under the category. This makes it difficult to navigate. Probably, the author has to look at grouping the discussions under less number of categories. That will help the reader quickly to find the discussions of their interest.

2. This is my personal opinion. The author can think about it. The color of the font makes it difficult to read. I believe that black color text on white background should be an ideal combination for reading. Similarly, the purple/ pink color text on the right column also makes it a strain for the eyes.


Anonymous August 22, 2007 at 3:50 AM  

Hello, thanks for a very good review! Yes, about my cluttered categories, actually, I don't know where to start anymore but I promise to do a clean-up soon in that area. May I suggest that you review this blog I'd be happy to come back to read it again.

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