Blogosphere This Week: Week No. 51/2007

Monday, December 17, 2007

Blogosphere This Week - Week No. 48/2007

Let me share with you this week's compilation of posts that I found useful, from the blogosphere. If you find anything interesting, please share your thoughts here.

  1. Install a web server and Wordpress from CK Marketing: Here is a post that explains how to install a web server, wordpress, themes and plugins. If you are thinking of having your own blog, this post provides some excellent information.

  2. 170+ Must-Have Tools For The Beginning Blogger from Elite By Design: A great list of tools for bloggers. The author has categorized and arranged the tools in a nice order for beginners to follow. Even if you are an experienced blogger, it is worth spending some time on this post.

  3. Why Bloggers Don’t Stumble Other Bloggers from Elite By Design: "... I, for one, can tell you that I visit the site of everyone who comments on a post of mine. I might not always like their content or their blog, but I do like to find out who is reading my blog..." I just lifted those phrases within the quotes from this post. This is what can happen to you if you start commenting on other blogs, of course no spam. As I have always suggested, spend some time on reading other blogs and comment them.

  4. Blogging Zoom - 5 Tips To Get Your Next Post Zoomed from Monetize Your Blog: Good tips from the author on how to get traffic to your blog from BloggingZoom. The 5 tips would help to get more zooms that will propel your post to the top.

  5. 10 Forums to Make You a Better Blogger from NewestontheNet: Forums provide great resource points for bloggers. It helps to build your network, get extra traffic and share knowledge and experience. This post gives you a list of some good forums on blogging.

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