How to Improve Your Earnings with PayPerPost?

Friday, November 16, 2007

PayPerPostIf you have not signed up with PayPerPost yet, please read my earlier post 5 things to note before signing up with PayPerPost.

If you have signed already, then the following tips should help you to improve your earnings with PayPerPost:

  • Blogs with better Google PageRank and Alexa Ranking gets the highly paid opportunities. So, work towards improving your Google PR and Alexa traffic rank. In simple terms, get more inbound links and get more visitors. Engage your visitors for a longer time on your blog and ensure they at least visit few pages.

  • Even if you have a good Page Rank, if your blog is on a free domain like BlogSpot you will be missing out lot of opportunities. If possible, get your own domain. I notice that most of the advertisers impose a restriction that the blogs should have their own domain.

  • You have to check the PPP site regularly for new opportunities. Good opportunities disappear at a rapid pace. You have about 6 hours to write about the opportunity you have reserved.

  • Use their affiliate programs to promote PPP. They have a comprehensive set of tools to implement like sign-up forms, get paid to review post button and the referral images.

If you have any other strategy to improve the earnings with PPP, please share with us here for the benefit of others. Please subscribe to my feed if you like this post

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