Blogosphere This Week - Week No. 46/2007

Monday, November 12, 2007

I have compiled a list of posts that I found useful, from the blogosphere over the last week. Please read on and share your thoughts on the posts listed here. Do you have anything to add on, that you might have come across in the blogosphere? Feel free to add any interesting topic from your own blogs (No spam, please).

  1. Finding Your Niche from SEOmoz: The post gets us thinking about how we select the niches that we’re in and whether we’re in the right niche for us.

  2. Tips To Focus on the Writing from Blog Herald: While we hear too much about SEO, linking and page ranking, here is a good post that tells us to focus on the writing.

  3. Use Feedburner Statistics to Interpret Reader Habits from This post explains how your FeedBurner stats can tell stories about your readers’ habits.

  4. Five Easy Steps to Editing Your Own Work from Have you ever spent time in editing your own work? Editing is a skill that can take years to perfect. But if you follow the recommendations in this post, you’ll greatly improve your writing.

  5. Self Branding - Moving Beyond the Niche to Generate Income as a Blogger from This post explains the importance of self-branding and how you choose to present yourself and your content. This will determine whether you will get loyal readers, which in turn can lead to into increased revenues.

  6. Are You Writing With Clarity? from This post outlines a few simple things you can do to make your writing easier to understand.

  7. How I Gain 4,691 RSS Reader in 1 month from You might not have forgotten the subscribers contest between JohnChow and ShoeMoney recently. JohnChow explains how he managed to get subscribers during this contest.

  8. Saturday Ramblings: Resources for Blogger Templates and Widgets from This post lists the various resources available freely for Blogger templates, Blogger hacks and widgets for Blogger.

  9. Learning CSS from Learning the technologies is a key to improving your blogging. Here is a post that gives you some great links to learn Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

  10. 5 ‘Less Used’ Ways To Get New Subscribers from Looking to get some more subscribers for your blog? Read this post.
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