Increase in my blog traffic: Reason #2

Saturday, October 6, 2007

This is in continuation of my previous posts on Increase in my blog traffic: Reason #1 and Significant Increase in My Blog Traffic.

Do not hesitate to link to other blogs:
This is a golden rule. I had seen many bloggers who do not write about other blogs and hesitate to link to others posts. While you should not copy the contents of other blogs, you can always add your opinions/ thoughts about a particular post and link back to the original post.

How did it help me?
This technique has worked successfully for me. In one of my posts, I have written about my experience and shared my honest opinions about a service from another blog. Once again, this blog is one of the Top-100 Technorati sites, with a Google page rank of 5. The author of that blog took note of my post from the Technorati reactions and included a link to my blog at the sidebar of his home page.

It is a win-win situation for both of us. While his blog gets additional exposure through my post, I have got a link back from a blog with considerable traffic. This might not happen every time. But, why don’t you try your luck? If this trick clicks, you get that additional traffic. Even it fails, it doesn’t matter. After all, you have written a useful post for your readers.


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