7 Simple Steps to an Effective Post

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Writing a post might look like an extremely easy task. But, if you don’t plan properly then it might just end up as a waste of time. A carefully written post might not attract visitors. But, a poorly written post certainly drives away your readers. So, I thought it is time to share some of my own experience and the knowledge acquired by reading some of the good blogs.

  1. Do not start writing immediately. Identify a topic you want to write about. Then, get your thoughts organized and run through the post in your mind.

  2. Do not use your blog’s editor to type the posts. Use your normal word processor like Microsoft Word. This will prevent you from other distractions and would help you to concentrate on the topic you are discussing.

  3. Ensure that you type at least about 100 to 150 words per post, organized in a minimum of two paragraphs. Anything less than that doesn’t look like a post.

  4. Do a spelling and grammar check. Use the Thesaurus to find out whether some of the words could be replaced with better synonyms.

  5. Open your blog’s editor now. Copy the post from your word processor and paste it.

  6. Preview your post before you publish it.

  7. Once you have published, visit your blog and ensure that the post looks as intended. If not, do the necessary corrections in your editor and republish it.

The above 7 steps might look very simple. But, if you practice this you will understand the difference. The quality of your posting would improve tremendously.


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