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Friday, November 9, 2007

PayPerPost is one of the services that help me in monetizing this blog. If you are a blogger, then PPP is one of the best options for you to make money online. In fact, PPP top the list of my money makers. And, PPP top my affiliate programs too.

Why PPP is good?
  1. PPP does not have any great requirements to sign up.

  2. PPP provides bloggers with much more opportunities compared to other similar services.

  3. Their approval process is transparent. If they reject your blog, they explain the reason and you get a chance to resubmit.

  4. Provides good affiliate programs.

  5. Payment is on schedule. You get the payment via PayPal immediately upon 30 days after the submission of your post
If you are interested in PayPerPost, click here to visit their sign up page. I will be posting a series of posts on PayPerPost. Read them too if you are not convinced yet.

Would you like to add any other point to stress that PPP is good? Or would you like to oppose my view that PPP is good? Please feel free to add your comments here. Please subscribe to my feed if you like this post


.::[ Mani Karthik ]::. November 22, 2007 at 11:16 PM  

Using PPP can get you a PR0 and the other negative sideeffects as well.

I don;t recommend PPP for upcoming bloggers. It should work well for established blogs. But they are selling off their websites too.

I don't think the PPP charm still remains.


Admin November 23, 2007 at 12:16 AM  

Hi Mani Karthik,

A lot has happened in the paid reviews arena in the last fortnight to a month. When Google started to slap bloggers with paid links, there was speculation on how PPP is going to survive. Recently, PPP itself accepted that Google has started to penalize bloggers in the PPP network.

I agree with you that paid reviews seem to go off soon. Do you think the new ranking system RealRank is going to help in any way?

My worry is bloggers will still continue to write paid reviews without any disclosure that it is a sponsored post. It might make it difficult for Google to penalize those bloggers. What do you think?

Blogger October 15, 2016 at 1:59 PM  

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