Blogosphere This Week - Week No. 45/2007

Sunday, November 4, 2007

This week saw the launch of another free service for bloggers to bring in more traffic, BloggingZoom. I have compiled a list of posts that I found useful, from the blogosphere over the last week. Please read on and share your thoughts on the posts listed here. Do you have anything to add on, that you might have come across in the blogosphere? Feel free to add any interesting topic from your own blogs (No spam, please).

  1. How I Lost 4,993 RSS Subscribers Overnight from JohnChow dot com: John Chow is good at catchy titles. Read why he has lost so many subscribers in a single day. In fact, many other bloggers have reported a sudden drop in their feedburner count.

  2. How To Overcome Blog Loneliness from JohnChow dot com: If you are a full-time blogger, then networking is very important to keep you going. John Chow gives some tips to full-time bloggers how to sustain the interest in the profession.

  3. John Chow dot com October 2007 Income Report from JohnChow dot com: The monthly income report is one of the most popular posts from John Chow. In the latest report, he declares a monthly income of $23,448.59. When can I make at least 1% of that value?

  4. 5 Simple Steps to kickstarting a Blog from JohnChow dot com: Lars-Christian Simonsen shares the success story which brought him 400 visitors a day up from 30 - 50 visitors a day, in three weeks.

  5. Why Not Spend An Hour Making a Quick Buck? from Patric Herber shares his success with affiliate marketing. A good post to read if you are interested in making some money with affiliate marketing.

  6. Use your old posts to create new content from If you have a question on your mind whether to delete some of the obsolete posts, read how you can play with your old posts.

  7. The power of Commenting on blogs from Darren provides a proof of how effective this simple startegy can work for you. Do comment on this blog. You may get some visitors, who knows?.

  8. 6 Ways to get new content ideas from Running out of ideas to start your next discussion? RamKarthik has some tips for you.

  9. Tools and Resources for Keyword Research from Keyword research is an important activity for bloggers. If you are not sure on what tools to use, read this post.

  10. Widgetbox widgets for blogger from BloggerTemplates: Widgets have become an integral part of blogging, due to the ease of installation and maintenance. This site introduces a good source for interesting widgets for blogger.
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