Blog Review: College for Idiots

Sunday, July 8, 2007

College for Idiots is a personal blog that expresses the author's joys and frustrations in life. While I have nothing to say about the content, I liked the clean and tidy arrangement of the various elements on the page. The advertisements are perfectly laid out, which did not distract me from the main content, but still attracted me with the nice text color. The blog is quite new, but the author seems to be a good writer. This is what the author has to say about his site, in his own words:

College 4 Idiots is pretty much my life in college, so far. Basically, I talk about all the insane, annoying people I meet. Hopefully some of my horror stories will help other people know what not to do. They are also pretty amusing because I can be an idiot from time to time. However, that happens very rarely because I am obviously the best person ever. Since I am so awesome, I thought people should be lucky enough to read about my life and wish they had it.


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